50 Coolest Kitchen Tools to Help You Save Time and Money

A large spoon kitchen strainer, tofu cloth, and oil spray device seem like a few kitchen tools that will add ease and convenience to your cooking. Wondering where to buy these from? Well, 101healthymeals.com is at your service! We have the coolest kitchen tools and devices that you must invest in if you want to enjoy cooking in an efficient way.

1.Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer

Cool Kitchen Tools You Must Buy

This spoon strainer is one of our best-selling products. You need a spoon strainer to easily scoop out pasta, noodles, boiled vegetables from hot liquids from a pan. Many recipes require you to boil and then strain the food items. Instead of using a big strainer every time, this spoon strainer comes in very handy, especially when you have to scoop out a few ingredients and quickly add them to a dish or a sauce, etc.

2. Kitchen Tofu Cloth

Cool Kitchen Tools You Must Buy

A tofu cloth is a very important kitchen tool, especially if you make your own soya tofu at home. This cloth helps you make your tofu in the right way by properly squeezing out the liquid. Buying ready-made tofu often works out to be costlier and you might not like the freshness quotient. If you want to make your fresh and soft tofu at home at all times, then this tofu cloth is a must-buy.

3. Kitchen Baking Oil Cooking Spray

This baking and cooking oil spray container is one of the most contemporary kitchen tools you might have come across. You end up putting a lot of oil on items to be baked if you an oil brush. but, with a spray, you only add the limited and required amount of oil. This container is an important tool for those who want to eat healthy food at all times.

4. 1 PCS Kitchen Supplies Tea Strainer Non-toxic Strawberry Shape Silicone Tea Infuser Tea Bag Teapot Accessory

For tea lovers out there, here’s one of the coolest kitchen tools you need to have – a non-toxic strawberry shape silicone tea infuser! Have your favorite tea with the help of this tool. It comes safe and non-toxic so no worries!

5. Stainless Steel Icing Nozzle

This icing nozzle was made from high-quality stainless steel that does not easily corrode. It has a basketweave tip that can perfectly be made smooth and ribbed stripes. One of the best features of this accessory is its seamless combination of the stainless steel to form a finely made basketweave tips.

6. 16pcs Art Stencils for Baristas

These art stencils come in 16 different designs to choose from. The patterns are a combination of cute and funny designs that will surely make your drinks more appealing to customers. It can be used not just on a cup of coffee but also on decorating your cakes and cupcakes.

7. 1pc Carbon Steel Nonstick Loaf Pan 

Make that perfect shaped loaf bread with our Carbon Steel Nonstick Loaf Pan. It is made with a high-quality carbon steel pan that guarantees durability. Moreover, it’s nonstick for easy removal. This is ideal for all rectangle-shaped pastries.

8. 2 Pattern Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

Use this tool as a cheese/chocolate grater. Made with super sharp blade from high-quality stainless steel, this kitchen tool is also easy to clean and eco-friendly.

9. 2 Speeds Electric Food Blender Mixer Kitchen

This lightweight one-handed kind of blender is easy to use and so convenient in making juices, mixing foods and it can also crush ice. It features a blender that is safe to use because of round metal cover outside the main blades. What’s more, the hand blender is detachable for fast and easy to clean.

10. 2-in-1 Pepper Chili Bell Jalapeno Seed Remover And Slicer

You can now easily remove the seeds of your Jalapeno using this tool. It is one of the coolest kitchen tools to grab as it serves as a great help in coring pepper chili as well.

11. 2-Sided Plastic Tea And Coffee Strainer

This is a uniquely designed spoon that holds loose-leaf or bagged teas with a mesh cover. A two-sided strainer to release more flavor. Its added feature is a built-in plunger to press tea to release more intense flavor. Plus, this tool can be easily washed and can be reused repeatedly for long use.

12. 23 Shapes Silicone Fondant Candy Mold

These Fondant Candy molds come in different designs to use and make your cake look more premium. To use it, just place your fondant on the silicone, remold the fondant and repeat. These are made from a heavy-duty silicone which has a non-stick feature and odor-free and safe to use in ovens, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.

13. 24 Cup Silicone Tray Molder

This is one of the coolest kitchen tools you need to get for your baking sessions. It is a tray molder made not just for baking, it can also be used in molding soaps, ice and etc. It can be safely used with microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven.

14. 2Pcs Plastic Food Container With Cutlery

Not all lunch boxes have cutlery compartments! Good thing this food container has! Apart from having a capacity of 500-800 ml per container, this lunch box helps mother earth by not using plastics when you buy food during lunch, instead pack your food with this lunch box! With its size (16 cm by 9.2 cm), it is convenient to carry or you can also put it in your bag if you want!

15. 3 Pcs/Set Plastic Dough Cream Scrapers

Create a decorated cake using these tools and make them look as if they’re made by professionals. Impress your house guests by showcasing them your masterpiece with the help of this dough cream scrapers.

16. 3-in-1 Avocado Saver

This avocado comes with plastic blades penetrate the skin of avocado easily and a fan blade that perfectly slices the fruit. It quickly removes pits without puncturing your hands.

17. 3-In-1 Stainless Cylinder Slicer

This slicer isn’t your ordinary slicer as it comes 3-In-1 Shredder: Coarse shredder, slicer drum, fine shredder. All pieces of the product are detachable and easy to clean. Proven to be a dishwasher safe. It is very convenient to use. Instruction material will be included.

18. 30 Hole Silicone Macaroon Pad

Create 15 macaroons all at the same time with this silicone macaroon pad! Since it’s made of food-grade silicone, it won’t retain any odors or flavors. Its flexibility will make it easier for you to remove baked treats from the silicone pad! Plus, it is safe to use whether on the freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher and etc.

19. 3pcs Round/Flower Shaped Dough Cutting Tool

Cut your foods with design in this kitchen cutting tool. It can be used to print/cut biscuits, fruits, ham, etc. It boasts a thick and corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust and durable material and comes in three different size components.

20. 4 Holes Squeeze Bottle

This squeeze bottle is 100% brand new and high quality that can serve your food in a pro like presentation, with these for holes squeeze bottles. Made of BPA free resin, safe for storing food, this kitchen tool doesn’t affect condiment’s taste. Also, it is great for all condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, simple syrup, etc.

21. 5 Layers Kitchen Scissor

These amazing scissors come with 5 pairs of sharp blades, 1 snip is equal to 10 knife chops. Enjoy the ease of cutting herbal leaves, nori, scallion or doing confetti. Save time and energy in the kitchen without boards or heavy kitchen equipment.

22. 50Pcs Wax Paper

This is is just one of the coolest kitchen tools and environment-friendly too. Say goodbye to plastics when packing your sandwiches because this is made of paper which is 100% biodegradable. Look forward when packing your sandwiches with this visually-pleasing wax paper.

Choose from stamps pattern, stripes pattern, macarons pattern, rose pattern or heart pattern. You can use this wax paper for your sandwiches, burger, fries or cake.

23.5pcs/set Removable Bottom Baking Pan Steel Mold

Enjoy DIY time in making cute cakes for your friends and families with the help of this baking pan steel mold. Made with Food Grade Carbon Steel Material, this baking tool can withstand the baking test. It is non-Stick, durable and safe to use and come with the main features such as
More convenient bottom, with removable bottom design cake mold, and a spring latch for easy bottom release.

24. 6 In 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer

This is one of the coolest kitchen tools made to be environment-friendly too. This is a vegetable slicer that can make food preparations faster. Designed to be durable and top quality, you can use this tool everyday. No worries about using it as it user-friendly and can be washed with no hassle as well.

25.6Pcs Ceramic Soy Dish

This soy dish is perfect for vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi, and other condiments. It contains no smell or taste and is dishwasher/microwave/oven safe.

26. 6PCS/Set Colorful Plastic Wine Cups

This is a high-quality plastic wine glass that comes in different fancy colors.
Aside from the fact that it is perfect for outdoor and garden use. each of the glass is not fragile, freezer safe, food safe and dishwasher safe.

27. 6Pcs Set Royal Style Metal Spoons And Forks

These spoons are set in royal-styles! They’re designed to make your dinner table look and feel even more elegant! Choose from different colors depending on what your kitchen theme is, you can choose from gold, silver, red bronze, antique bronze or bronze! Use it as a teaspoon, coffee spoon, ice cream or snack picker, pulp digger or stirring spoon!

28. 6pcs/set Non-Sticky Tart Quiche Flan Pan Molds

This kitchenware is guaranteed high quality and made of high carbon steel, high hardness, durable and heat-sensitive, which can help make the food evenly heated. It has a removable loose bottom to conveniently take out and decorate delicious food and speeds up cooling. The texture of the pearl yarn has a good non-sticking ability and is flat edge with high quality.

With working temperature range is from -30 to 230 degrees celsius, this mold can be used to make pizza, roast chicken, cake and other baking with its round and short body design.

29. 75ml Measuring Shot Cup

This shot cup has 3 units of measurement on the wall, ounce, tbsp, ml. It contains easy to read clear marks to ensure that you are serving the right amount of spirit in every cocktail

The cup body is polished, smooth and bright, not easy to stain, stable sunken bottom design for stable placement.

This cup is made from a food-grade stainless steel mirror finish and brilliant appearance.

30. Adjustable Cheese Grater

This cheese grater has a handle grip for safer cheese cutting. With its size (12.5 cm by 11.7 cm), you can wash and store it easily, plus it is also dishwasher-safe! One great feature is that you can adjust the screws on both sides depending on how thick you want your cheese slices to be. Plus, it is made of high-quality zinc alloy so you know it won’t wear out fast!

31. Animal Print Kitchen Apron

This kitchen apron comes with a lot of cute designs to choose from! This protects your clothes from dirt, stains, spills during cooking or serving. It Is made from high-quality fabric and is designed to serve its purpose until it’s threadbare and worn out.

32. Animal-Shaped Cookie Cutters

These cookie cutters are made from food-grade stainless steel and come in different animals – unicorn, flamingo, pig, rabbit, giraffe, cat, wild boar, elk, dolphins, fish, owl, and bear! It is totally safe to use in the oven, microwave oven, and even refrigerators!

You can use it to create cakes or biscuits that are shaped in the form of your kid’s favorite animal which will surely increase your kid’s appetite!

33. Anti-Overflow Pot Rack

It is no doubt that this is one of the coolest kitchen tools to have this 2020! You can make this a fun way to prevent overflow while boiling and cooking. What’s more amazing is that it comes with a silicone cradle that can hold pots, pans, mobile phones, and so on.

34. Baking Wooden Rolling Pin

Bake different pastries and pizza with this Baking Wooden Rolling Pin. When used with perfect balance, it can help you a lot in your kitchen. It is environment-friendly as it is made of natural wood. Plus, since it is made with a non-slip grip, you can easily use and clean it.

35. Bamboo Cutlery Set

This bamboo cutlery set is composed of a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, drinking straw and a cleaning brush all packed in linen-cotton pouch. It is made of high-quality bamboo safe and non-toxic, recyclable and BPA free.

It comes handy and lightweight cutlery set with carrying case, easy to bring anywhere, a good alternative to plastic cutlery.

36. Barbecue Motor Grill Rotisserie Rotator

This tool is ideal for outdoor cooking such as camping, barbecue, and picnic grill skewers. With 4.2 RPM output, it is water-resistant and low noise. It is made of ABS and premium metal, it has good heat insulation, long durability, and a sturdy body. Plus it comes with a switch button, it comes with USB boost wire for easy charging.

37. Cake Decorating Sculpting

This sculpting set comes with 8 different shapes, smoothly sculpted surface, non-stick, lightweight and food-grade plastic. All the tools are double-headed so you will have a total of 16 tools. This is truly one f the coolest kitchen tools and excellent for form, shape, mark, and imprint of sugar paste flowers, leaves, figures, and other decorations.

38. Carton Dish Cloth Holder

Made of 100% brand new and high-quality Plastic, this carton dishcloth holder features also suction to make sure that the holder will not fall off easily. This is a simple way for you not to misplace dishcloth anywhere.

39. Ceramic Chasen Stand

This perfectly sculpted chasen holder will be a great addition to your traditional teaware especially to those who practice the traditional way of preparing matcha. It is skillfully crafted from high-quality ceramic. The result is perfectly polished and beautiful teaware.

40. Ceramic Glaze Baking Bowl

This Ceramic Glaze Baking Bowl is hand-painted under glazed floral designs personalized just for you.

Avoid using brush or powder to avoid wear marks. A soft cloth is recommended.

This baking bowl is microwave and oven safe for easy reheating of your favorite food.

41. Chinese Porcelain Bowl

This bowl is made of high-quality ceramic materials with Celadon giving you the best durability for long-term use. Boasting a Chinese 3D design. Perfect for those who are a fan of Chinese culture.

42. Chocolate Shaver

This chocolate shaver is made of high-quality stainless steel, waterproof, rustproof, anti-corrosion and durable. Just adjust the screw to set the blade according to your requirements.

It is very comfortable to use with a hanging hole for easy storage. What’s more, it has the capacity to produce delicate curls of chocolates, truffles or cheese great for cooking, baking or decorating coffee and chocolate drinks.

43. Clear Glass Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser

This clear glass teapot is very aesthetically pleasing with its classic and elegant style you are sure to impress family and friends. The spout is specially designed and shaped to not make accidental drips giving you a mess-free tea time always. The built-in infuser is made of stainless steel guaranteed to not tarnish over time. This classic teapot is sure to serve you for a long time.

44. Cocktail Muddler

This muddler is made out of the strongest material available and will not break when muddling. It is considered one of the coolest kitchen tools and perfect for muddling mint leaves, mashing citrus, fruits, herbs, and spices making delicious cocktails. Moreover, it’s very easy to clean by hand or just placing it inside the dishwasher since this tool is dishwasher safe.

45. Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke flavor all your favorite food with the help of this cold smoke generator. You can smoke meat, nuts, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fish and many more.

To use, just fill the generator with dry wood chips or pellets, light the candle and if the smoke starts, you can remove the candle and let it smolder up to 10 hours.

46. Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack

Made of high quality, durable and lightweight plastic, this pasta drying rack helps make noodles drying quick and convenient.

47. Damascus Kitchen Knife

With Damascus steel blades, you are guaranteed that the blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering, and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. The handle of the knife provides the max control on movements with minimum efforts, non-slip and durable.

This Damascus knife with gift box is a wonderful gift for home cooks, chefs, culinary students and anyone who loves cooking.

48. Donut Maker Dispense Tool DIY Creative Baking Tools

Make donuts the fun and easy way with the help of this donut dispenser. It is manually operated and is easy to twitch and can be given as a gift to family and friends who loves cooking.

49. Dumpling Molder And Cutter

You don’t have to think about how to cut your dumplings into perfect circles because this package comes with a dumpling cutter

Just cut the dumpling dough with the dumpling cutter, put it on the dumplings molder, add desired ingredients and press together

It is made of food-grade stainless steel so it really is safe to use and will surely last long! It is no wonder this thing made it to our list of coolest kitchen tools.

50. Traditional Matcha Teaware Set

This set comes complete with a bamboo Chashaku tea scoop, a ceramic tea bowl, a ceramic whisk holder and a bamboo Chasen matcha whisk.

Comes in 4 styles you can choose from, this ceramic bowl gives off a very authentic and nostalgic vibe.

It has a bamboo whisk which is the perfect tool to create a frothy lather from matcha powder and helps bring out that distinct tea flavor.

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