Delicious Easy to Make Healthy Meals That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

easy to make healthy meals

Easy to make healthy meals are not as hard to pull off as you may have thought. You don’t need complicated ingredients or complicated cooking techniques to create delicious and nutritious meals that are both delicious and easy to prepare. There are two types of cooking techniques that go hand in hand when it comes to creating delicious meals. These techniques are stir frying and baking.

An Overview

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Cooking one meal a week is enough for maintaining your healthy if you have a good imagination and if you start out with a good and healthy recipe. One weeknight dinners can be the best way to get family and friends together for dinner without the hassle of cooking a huge meal. A great recipe is always a perfect solution. An easy to make healthy Italian recipe called linguine with tomato sauce that can be made in thirty minutes is a great option for a weeknight dinner.

Easy healthy meals like these can be used as a lunch time snack also. If you’re in a hurry, however, you can use the pasta chicken recipe as an in place dinner or lunchtime snack. You can easily make your own pasta sauce by using reduced fat milk, reduced sodium soy sauce, fresh chopped vegetables and a red bell pepper to name a few. Use of garlic can also be reduced without reducing flavor. Using nutritional yeast, guar gum and nutritional yeast flakes can also reduce your calorie intake.

Salad Types

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Easy to make healthy meals such as this one can also be used in pasta salads. You just need to add chopped tomatoes and reduced fat balsamic vinegar. Cooked broccoli florets, reduced fat Italian cream cheese, reduced sodium olive oil, chopped onions, shredded Romaine lettuce leaves and reduced calorie mayonnaise are all components of this delicious salad.

Easy to make healthy meals are also great for preparation of easy to prepare snacks. Snacks can be prepared in a similar fashion as dinner except that you can do it at your leisure and it doesn’t take long before it’s ready. Simply put together some tuna salad, reduced fat sour cream, reduced calorie mayonnaise, cucumber, green onions, reduced sodium chicken salad, reduced calorie cherry tomato salsa, reduced calorie barbecue sauce and you’re all set. Use of whole grain flour and reduced fat sour cream ensure that your snacks are easy to chew.

Making Process

When preparing easy to make healthy meals, you should try to incorporate different textures in order to keep the taste at its optimum level. In most cases, foods are either too hard or too soft. Unfortunately, we tend to eat the hard variety and this tends to make our meals boring and less interesting. In contrast, tasty, healthy recipes would make our food interesting and appetizing.

There are so many delicious easy to make meatless Monday recipes out there. Grilled vegetable salads with lettuce and tomato are wonderful starter dishes. Easy meatless pizza is another one that your whole family would love. You can make this by combining reduced fat mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, fresh vegetables, zesty chopped herbs and olive oil. Olive oil serves as a good source of monounsaturated fats, which help prevent heart diseases and stroke.


A great way to get kids interested in eating healthy food is to have them start cooking their own meals. This can be achieved by creating easy to make healthy meals that they can prepare themselves. You can add their ingredients such as reduced fat cheese, reduced sodium ranch dressing, reduced calorie butters, walnuts, low fat blueberries, reduced calorie banana and cucumbers. When your kids are done with their meal, simply pour some low calorie chocolate on their plate to keep them filled until lunch time. These healthy food ideas will keep your children’s appetites at their peak.

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