Delicious Low-Carb Recipes You Must Try

There are tons of low-carb recipes that you can prepare provided you know where to find and look for them. Read some cookbooks that contain useful information on methods that come with fewer carbs. For now, here are two low-carb recipes you must try.

soup in plate

However, you need to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients that it requires for the day. This is something that you must not fail on achieving. Just because you are consuming dishes that come low in fat, your body should be able to keep up with your regular tasks.

Tasty LowCarb Recipes Chicken Soup

Soups like vegetable or chicken soup are ideal for cold months. Not to mention, they help you cure a common cold and flu. You will want to know that. When you want to detoxify your body, then you might as well use some lean meat.

Delicious Low Carb Recipes Ideas For You

You need to add some vegetables and dressing to them to make a great recipe with low carb. However, you are consuming a dish that comes rich in proteins and minerals. You do not want your dish to come with empty calories.

You need some value in it and the food item prepared must be a mix of cheese, olive oil, meat, and some fruits if you want. You can also make a smoothie using the blender. You also have a party burger.

Nobody says no to the burger. However, burgers do not have to be unhealthy. You can healthily prepare them when you avoid using too much cheese and butter on it when cooking. Instead of using butter, then you can make use of cheese like ricotta and parmesan cheese.

They are healthy and lightweight. However, they can be slightly on the expensive side. Instead, you can make use of feta cheese.

The Low-Carb Burger Recipe

Feta cheese comes with a wide range of nutrition and health. You can make use of ground chuck, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onion rings, barbecue sauce, and some olive oil.

For seasoning, you can use pepper and salt. However, cheddar cheese that is going used here comes with immense salt. Hence, you can reconsider using salt in it. However, if you feel that it is not up to your mark, then you can apply some salt.

woman holding up wooden tray with lettuce, tomato, onions rings and cooked patty for burger

With clean hands, you need to use some ground chuck and then make them into patties. Use some olive oil and brush the sides of them. Season the patties with pepper and salt. On the preheated grill, you will want to prepare the patty for a few minutes.

Then you will want to brush some barbeque sauce along with olive oil to it. Flip each of the sides of the patty and keep applying the barbeque sauce and olive oil. Now, you can either place a slice of cheese or avoid it, if you are looking for healthy side dishes.

To keep it low in carbs, you may choose not to eat a burger with buns. You can then use the lettuce, onions, and prepare the burgers. As you can see, it is quick to make. You do not have to spend too much time, apart from making the patties.

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