Easy and Healthy Dinner Meals For Kids

healthy low fat meals for kids

What are the benefits of having healthy, nutritious and delicious, healthy dinner meals for kids? Well, they can help your kids to lose weight and have more energy at dinner time. Let’s face it, kids are just as active as you and sometimes they eat far more than we do! So, it’s critical that you have the right balance of nutritious, low fat and high fiber foods at all times, but making the menu attractive and enticing for them to pick up their fork and eat. Here are some ideas for healthy dinner meals for kids that will keep them satisfied and healthy:

Yogurt and fruit.

These healthy snacks and dinner recipes are easy to prepare and delicious too. Yogurt is packed with protein, probiotics and a wide range of vitamins and minerals that your kids will love. You can also dress up your yogurt and fruit salad with some fresh tzatziki or lemon wedges for an extra tasty treat.

Deli Meat and Chicken.

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Salads don’t get much better than deli meat and chicken salads. They are healthy, low calorie and very tasty. You can serve this healthy dinner side dish on its own, or you can have it served with a tossed salad, grilled vegetable and a whole wheat roll. If you serve this dinner cold, add a bit of cheese to get the kids interested in snacking later on. For a fun twist, place chopped veggies on top of the deli meat and then sprinkle them with cheese.

Back Eggs.

Your kids will never tire of having a great, healthy breakfast made from eggs. If you’re not sure that your kids will be able to resist a big serving of fried chicken, try serving them with a baked chicken salad with a side of mixed greens. This meal will keep your kids’ hunger pangs at bay and will make for a fun and healthy dinner for them to enjoy at dinner. Add some fresh veggies and a few strips of bacon for that extra dose of protein.

Taco Salads.

Kids love tacos, and they are a very easy and healthy dinner to prepare for them. If you want to give your kids the best tasting meal possible, give them a taco salad. tacos-salad is a great choice because it keeps the nutrition level high while still being very delicious.


Munchies are always a good idea for any meal and they are especially welcome at dinner time. There are so many healthy snack options for kids that you won’t have any problem here. Kids love to dip things in different flavors, so serve up a variety of dip for their next meal.


Desserts are not only for kids during the day. You can serve up a variety of cool desserts to keep them satisfied throughout the day on a cold night.

Bottom Line

Remember that healthy dinner meals for kids doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to spice up your child’s meal and keep them excited. Play around with them to see what kind of snacks they like best. There is no one specific recipe that fits every kid. It is up to you to experiment and see what the kids like best.

Don’t forget to keep the entire family involved. Kids love to participate in the cooking process as well as eating. You can make healthier dinners for kids by inviting your kids to help you plan the meal. It will definitely be a success when they have a say in every step of the way. They will be so happy that you took the time to consider their preferences.

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