Easy Healthy Crockpot Meals You Will Love

easy healthy crock pot meals

Easy healthy crockpot recipes on a tight budget! Super cheap, slow cookbook ways of cooking delicious, healthy, slow cooker recipes for the whole family! These super easy, delicious, healthy slow cookbook ways of cooking are an affordable way to feed a large crowd at home. With the right slow cooker recipes and ingredients you will be able to save money, time and energy.

An Overview

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If you love the taste of curry but don’t like spicy food you should try these super easy healthy crockpot recipes for delicious, healthy, tenderloin-like chicken. I found this curry in a cookbook called Indian Mango Flavored Rice Cookbook. This curry has a slightly spicy coconut flavor that is very nice on top of some warm basmati rice. You can steam this curry in the slow cooker while you are reading the book or spend time in the kitchen preparing this dish by yourself.

Another delicious healthy crockpot recipe is a delicious beef and broccoli stew. This is my mom’s favorite meal and it never changes. I used coconut milk for the soup and added some carrots and an onion. The dish was so good that we ate the whole thing. There were enough servings for everybody.

There are several easy healthy crockpot meals that you can make for weeknight meals that include beef and barley dishes. You can also make a delicious beef stew that you can heat up in the slow cooker while you watch television. The beef is cooked with vegetables and spices and served with potatoes and brown rice. There are many other dishes that you can prepare for weeknight dinner prep that are made with beef and barley.

Some Amazing Meals

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If you enjoy tacos, you will love these easy healthy crock pot meals. This recipe calls for shredded beef, salsa and cilantro. You will start out by cooking the beef in the slow cooker and then add the salsa and cilantro to it. You cover the lid of the slow cooker and let it cook on low for about 3 hours.

Easy healthy crock pot meals that are perfect for the holidays are easy and delicious. This turkey and Swiss pasta salad are very easy to make in your slow cookers. You simply add the ingredients to your crock pot, set the slow cooker to medium high and in about 1 hour you have a delicious and creative Italian salad. You can eat this cold if you want. If you serve this with toasted bread it goes well as a lunch or dinner. You can make this a couple times a month and just stock up on the ingredients for a couple week’s worth of dinners.

Great Meal Option

You will love Easy Healthy Crockpot Meals because they are so versatile. You can make a delicious nutritious meal in your slow cookers in about 45 minutes. You can take a simple meal like this one to work. If you need to prep your meal ahead of time, you can easily do so and still have delicious, healthy crock pot meals to enjoy until dinner is ready. You simply add frozen toasted potatoes and peppers to the mix, add your chicken or turkey and follow any recipe note you might have.


Easy healthy crockpot meal prep recipes are the perfect solution if you are running on a tight schedule and trying to spend time with your family. You will love the variety of dishes you will be able to prepare with your slow cooker. These are great family meals that will leave everyone excited and wanting more. You will feel great knowing you are making delicious healthy meals when you are getting ready to go to work or after you have returned from a long day at work. Your taste buds will thank you for making these slow cooker recipes.

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