Easy Healthy Make Ahead Foods For Vacationers

easy healthy make ahead meals

It can be easy to fall into a routine of eating out for dinner, and even night meals when you know that you are in your own home cooking. You don’t get out much and you do most of the cooking and the cleanup. You might even find yourself shopping for food at times because you aren’t home cooking all of the time and you enjoy the convenience of easy healthy make ahead foods.

This may work well for some people. It is great for families who don’t get out as much. It also might work well for those people who are on a strict diet or have health related issues that prevent them from eating out all of the time. But for others, especially those that like to cook and bake and prepare their own food, it isn’t a good idea. There are problems with store bought items that are pre-prepared and ready to eat.

The Full Flavor Of The Food

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All of the storage methods used to store pre-cooked foods means that they lose a lot of flavor and moistness over time. The same thing goes for store bought desserts. Most store bought sweeteners are heavily processed so you aren’t getting all of the sugar you could be getting.

Pre-cooked meals tend to be high in fat and salt, and very low in fiber. When you cook your meal inside of a crock pot, you are left with a meal that is high in fat, calories and salt, but no fiber. What is more, you don’t get any nutrients from the vegetables. Most store bought vegetables are pre-cooked so they are cooked in heavy oil, butter or salt and some have been fried in too.

Use Your Imagination

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There are easy, healthy make ahead options out there that will keep your meals interesting. Use your imagination. For example, instead of sauteing your vegetables, try something like a baked potato. This way you get more vitamins from the vegetable than you would from the juice. This same concept can work with any type of meat.

Instead of having meatballs, you can make some baked potatoes. Use your imagination and make something different than meatballs. Something like broccoli or asparagus spears would be fun. You could also take your vegetables and serve a nice steamed broccoli salad. Add some baked beans and you have a light and delicious meal that is easy to prepare and healthy to eat.

Consider Buying Some Small Condiments

Use your imagination when it comes to meal preparation. Use your imagination and come up with creative ways to prepare your easy, healthy make ahead foods. You might also want to consider buying some small condiments so that you can dress your meats and vegetables for an easy healthy make ahead meal. Just remember that the healthier the meal is, the better it will be for you.

A great way to prepare easy, healthy make ahead foods is to buy small containers of salsa and put it on everything from salads to meatballs. Salsa is loaded with vitamins and is easy to store in the refrigerator. If you need to add more flavor, you can spice it up by adding some minced onions or cilantro. No matter what you decide to do, just remember to keep it simple. This is what will help you enjoy the benefits of eating easy, healthy make ahead foods.

Clean Up The Kitchen After You Cook

Make sure that you take some time to clean up the kitchen after you cook. You can leave all of the cooking utensils and appliances in the sink. Your food will have more time to absorb flavors, and you will have less time removing them. This will also give you more time to clean up. Every once in a while, throw away leftover food because it is not good for you or it has expired.

When you are creating easy, healthy make ahead foods, you should try to avoid storing them in plastic containers that retain any sort of odor. Odors come from meats that have been sitting around too long, as well as vegetables that have been sitting for quite some time. If you are in a hurry, you can wash them thoroughly in hot water. Just be sure to remove them from the cold water and store them in the sun to dry.

Final Words

If you are planning a party, consider making all of your food at home. Although this sounds like it would be hard, it really is very easy once you get used to it. Start with some easy appetizers that only require chopping and putting your food in airtight containers. Once you become confident enough, you can begin making full scale meals that will not only taste great but be satisfying as well.

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