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healthy easy to make meals

There is no reason that healthy easy to make meals have to be boring, decadent or difficult to create. With a little ingenuity and the ability to put your imagination to good work, you can whip up some tasty and satisfying meals in no time. Making healthy, simple to prepare and delicious meals can be an enjoyable family endeavour. The whole family can enjoy a wide range of flavours and textures that will impress and tantalize their taste buds, while at the same time keeping them feeling full and satisfied.


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When most people think about healthy easy to make meals they usually envision taking out pizza. While these dishes certainly do offer plenty of value, they can also be quite costly and are not really healthy or easy to prepare. If you happen to be a fan of either one of these dishes but are on a tight budget, consider making one or two meals a week that is both healthy and cheap. Start by preparing a healthy main dish such as a pasta sauce with fresh vegetables that have been tossed with olive oil and a bit of black pepper. toss in a piece or two of chicken or fish and wrap it in a reliable tortilla shell. This is a classic recipe that can be used time and again.

Wet Grains

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Another delicious and healthy easy to make meals is one that has been sitting on the kitchen shelf for a while. I refer to this as “wet grains.” These include brown rice, quinoa, couscous, bulgur, and teff. All of these options can be used in their own way or in a larger dish that is prepared by blending all of them together. This makes a nutritious and delicious side dish that can be served with crackers or in a baking dish, or even as a cereal for kids.

Veggies And Salad

For lunch every day, I eat healthy easy to make meals that consist of vegetables and salad. One of my favourites is a romaine lettuce wrap that is filled with cubed lean beef, two to three different types of beans, some cherry tomatoes and cucumber, and a radishes spear. For the dressing, I love to use some fresh lemon juice and Himalayan salt, and then some lime juice. When you taste this romaine lettuce wrap, you will not only be impressed by how good it is, but also by the wonderful flavours of the other ingredients. It goes great on eggs, bagels, oatmeal, popcorn, sandwiches, etc.


For dinner, I love to make a healthy quiche. This one is rather easy to prepare because all you have to do is combine the following ingredients: one cup olive oil, one tablespoon lemon juice, four cups chopped mushrooms, one cup chopped celery, and one cup of low-fat cheddar cheese. Cook the mixture until it becomes opaque, about two minutes. Drain off any liquid if needed. Serve with crackers, and sprinkle some sea salt and pepper on top. It makes a delicious, healthy quiche that everyone will be raving about!

Wrapping Up

I love being able to make quick and healthy dinners for my family. My mother is even driving me crazy with all the recipes I have saved. It’s great to know that there are loads of great recipes out there, like mine, that can help you reduce your stress and increase your energy level all in one meal!

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