Healthy Cooking Methods – Stay Healthy And Fit

Opt For Healthy Cooking Methods - Stay Healthy And Fit

Healthy cooking methods can change the structure of our food instead of causing any harm to our health. And that doesn’t mean one should become a gastronome chef or have to use any expensive kitchen utensils. According to research, meat cooked at high temperatures increases the risks of colorectal and pancreatic cancers. We should understand some methods of basic cooking should are preferable for a regular basis and some for special events. There are numerous healthiest cooking methods that result in juicy and delicious output by avoiding unnecessary extra fats.

High Temperature Affects Healthy Cooking

It is crucial to know the importance of nutrients. Vitamin K remains unaffected in high temperatures or when in connection with heat, water, and air. Heat destroys vitamins E and C and potassium. And Cooking with fat reduces vitamin D, A, and E. If cooking oil gets cooked in high temperatures, free radicals are oxidized and released, which results in DNA changes and swelling in the body. But we should know all the cooking methods don’t have similar results. Moreover, we should follow healthy cooking methods, which boost the flavor and taste of food.

Opt For Healthy Cooking Methods - Stay Healthy And Fit
Opt For Healthy Cooking Methods – Stay Healthy And Fit

Cooking Methods Using Liquids Or Dry Heat And Fat

Cooking using liquids include boiling, simmering, blanching, poaching, stewing or braising, steaming, bottom line, and pressure cooker. However, the cooking methods using dry Heat include Roasting, Sauteing, grilling, microwave, baking, and broiling. Moreover, cooking using fat includes deep-frying, pan-frying, and stir-frying.

Opt For Healthy Cooking Methods - Stay Healthy And Fit
Opt For Healthy Cooking Methods – Stay Healthy And Fit

Nutrient And Vitamin Loss In Cooking

Moreover, a study shows that the following cooking methods rank from worst to best, accompanied by vitamin loss.

  • Boiling which involves 35 to 60 percent loss of vitamin
  • Steaming involves 10 to 25 percent loss of vitamin
  • Microwave cooking involves 5 to 25 percent loss of vitamin
  • Pressure cooking involves 5 to 10 percent loss of vitamin
  • Roasting involves 10 to 47 percent loss of vitamin.
  • Stewing, baking, and grilling involve 10 to 12 percent loss.
  • Frying creates a 7 to 10 percent loss of vitamin.

How to Make All Your Cooking Methods Healthier?

Now we are going to discuss the healthiest method of cooking which will help in preserving nutrients and improve our health. 

  • In case of a boil, stir-fry or poach, the veggies should be cooked just warm, not mushy 
  • Serve the prepared foods immediately as warm food causes more loss of vitamin C.
  • As cooked foods lose nutrients, so some raw fruits and veggies should be added to get adequate vitamin C
  • Drain the healthier oil like olive oil or canola oil and extra fat before serving.
  • Cooking liquids is used to prepare soups and stocks.
  • While grilling, the meat should not be too moist. 
  • Temperature below 356 degrees Fahrenheit is preferable for baking
  • Moreover, spray oils should be used as this will reduce the amount of oil.


The cooking methods are essential for the texture and flavor of our foods, which also affects the nutritional value. Moreover, the cooking methods with fewer nutrient loss is acceptable with more amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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