Healthy Good Meals for Dinner Ideas

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There are many meals that we eat daily that may not have the right balance of proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. But, since we have been eating them since long, we do not realize that our dinner meals are not actually healthy good meals. But, with a slight tweaking of ingredients, you can easily get healthy good meals for dinner ideas. Here are some ideas.

Brown Rice with Portion of Meat and Salad

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A healthy dinner option will be to change your white rice with brown rice. You can have any side dish with rice as you want. White Rice is one of the unhealthiest foods. White rice is full of starch. A person feels heavy, lethargic and sleepy after having white rice. The body just stores it as fat and these lead to weight gain and flatulence. If you must have white rice, you can include a small portion for lunch but avoid it during dinner.

Baked, Grilled Meat or Potatoes

A plate of food sitting on a table

If you feel like having fried potatoes or fried cutlets, try the baked version instead. Fried foods often lead to acidity and flatulence in the body. The body needs only a small amount of food to survive especially when the body is into fasting. We tend to binge eating on these foods which makes the body store the excess food as fat. 

Desserts Made with Natural Sweeteners or Low Calorie Sweeteners

Try substituting your desserts with coconut sugar, palm sugar or jaggery. You can also try dates paste for sweetening. Refined sugar or food containing too much of sugar: We tend to eat fried and sugary foods after a meal. While eating is moderation is fine, eating them in larger quantities contributes to weight gain. Eat a very small portion of these items even if you must to satisfy your sugar craving.

Whole Grain Flour Dishes

Make dishes uses whole grain wheat bread or bread made with other grains like sorghum, barley, etc. Avoid processed food items like white flour. They are devoid of roughage and fiber important for your bowel movements. They are also devoid of nutrients and are only full of empty calories which will make you feel full but lack in essential nutrition.

Salads with Minimum Dressings

Dressings often contain a lot of oil, vinegar or sugar, all the ingredients that may not be good for your health. Try having your salads with minimum dressings to preserve their nutritional quotient and health value.

Yoghurt-Based Sauces

Try substituting your mayonnaise with yoghurt-based sauces as these are healthier than having thick mayonnaise. These will prevent you from putting on weight. Yoghurt has good gut bacteria which helps you stay healthy and fit. 

These are some healthy good meals for dinner that you should adhere to. You must stay fit and healthy and avoid these unhealthy food items.

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