Healthy Meal Plan Preps For You

Healthy Meal Plan Prep

Cooking healthy and delicious foods three times daily can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a tight schedule. This is why you should try a meal plan prep that is healthy. This way, you have saved money, time, and energy and also eat nutritious, healthy food.


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The Importance of a healthy meal plan prep can never be overemphasized. Here are some of it’s benefits;

There is no stress; Your lunch is already waiting for you! All you need to do is bring it out of the fridge and heat it in your oven. In this way you have save your time and energy

You will save money; If you already have a meal plan prep, you will not be buying food from restaurants or fast food joints, in this way you have save some cash.

You will eat a healthier food; With your meal already waiting for you in the fridge, no need for impulsive food choices when you are hungry.


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Start with the meal that is hard to for you make, like if you are finding it hard to make breakfast before going kit to work, you should start with a breakfast meal prep.

You should make your meal plan prep a daily routine, to avoid skipping it, you should set a reminder in your phone. At first you will find it daunting, but as time goes on you will surely like it. You should also set the recipes you know you like and enjoy making. This will make the routine easy and fun!

Now let’s look at some healthy meal plan ideas for you


This is a perfect meal prep for your breakfast if you love fruits and granola. These parfait are delicious and highly nutritious, you can make them in the evening and take it as breakfast in the early morning.


If you have been thinking of having a hot healthy lunch since morning, worry no more as the prep idea is just too perfect. Hot healthy lunch ideas are rich in grains, proteins and vegetables. Select a good tasty recipe and cook, portion into meal prep containers. Check whether soup will be added immediately of stored separately. Some delicious recipes to try are; Egg roll in a bowl, Buddha bowl recipe, Korean turkey meal prep bowls.


This simple and healthy Greek salad is the best prep meal for your dinner. This nutritious salad is very cheap to make and you can top it with a chicken. It’s the best you will have after a tiring day at work. You can also serve it as a work lunch.


Meal preps saves your time, your energy, your money and your life. Try a meal prep and you’ll see a change in your health and wallet.

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