Healthy Meal Plan Sample – Tips To Make The Right Diet Changes

Healthy Meal Plan Sample

People think health is all about how you look or if you do not have any physical illness. But health is not just limited to this. It is about your mental health, as well. There is a popular phrase that goes like what you eat is what you are. It not only shapes your body’s outer appearance but also boost your inner strength and mental abilities. It is not necessary that a fat body is not healthy or a skinny person has less strength. If you can perform well physically and mentally, you are healthy. When you know that eating good is necessary, you might want to look at some healthy meal plan samples. You can take a look below.

Plan Your Breakfast

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It is important to start the day off with a good breakfast just after 7:00 a.m., so try hitting 400 calories in the morning if you can. Whenever you skip breakfast, you are disturbing the metabolism in one way or the other by slowing It Down by 25%. You should remember that a body will require all the nutrients and fluid requires especially in the morning. The breakfast calories should be somewhere between 15-20% high in protein.

A great protein source contains eggs, dairy products, and protein powder in smoothies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. 45% to 55% should be devoted to carbs. Skip the sugar and over-processed foods. Also, avoid food that is made with white flour and choose fruits and veggies. If you can eat at least 30 to 35% of fat content, especially the mono saturated fats, it would make you more healthy. You might also want to avoid saturated fat. This healthy meal plan sample for breakfast will help you.

Healthy Meal Plan Sample – Plan Your Lunch And Dinner

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Make sure you consume your lunch before 1.30 PM, and this lunch will help you keep your energy level sustained for the rest of the day but make sure it is within 450 calories. You can eat a boneless, and skinless chicken breast served with fat-free Italian dressing. Either that or tomato slices, seasoned bread crumbs, parmesan cheese. Avoid refined carbs. Get 17% to 25% protein. Include 30% to 35% of healthy fat. Follow this healthy meal plan sample for making your lunch healthy.

Have dinner between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. and aim for 300 calories. You do not want to feel too full before bed. So go sparingly on carbohydrates and fill up on protein, especially those found in chicken and vegetables, which aids in sleep. 45% to 55% of your dinner calories should be devoted to carbs. 20% to 25% should be protein. Aim for at least 8 grams of fat at dinner time, primarily from the fiber-rich carp choices like whole grains, starchy veggies, and beans. This healthy meal plan sample is what you need to follow for a healthy dinner.


The consumption will differ according to the body which means you will need the assistance of a nutritionist or dietitian to come up with the perfect healthy meal plan. In fact, there could also be some gender differences where women will require 1400 calories per day and men will require 1800 calories per day.

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