Healthy Salad Recipes Using Fresh Ingredients

Healthy Salad Recipes Using Fresh Ingredients

If you are told that potato is a healthy food item, then you would probably laugh. But, when you prepare potato in the form of salads, then you know that you are right on track. Salads are versatile dishes, and you can make any of recipes with fresh ingredients on a salad.

bowl of vegetable salad with walnuts

There are countless dishes that you can prepare using potatoes. Apart from that, you have several ingredients using which they can serve along. There are chicken salad, baked chicken, sandwiches, burgers, and others.

How You Can Make Healthy Salad Recipes At Home

To prepare the Greek-style salad recipe with 2 peeled and chopped potatoes, 1/2 cup feta, 1 sliced onion, and handful herbs. You will need 2 peeled and sliced red onions, 1 peeled and sliced red potatoes, and 1/2 cup feta cheese. With this kind of a combination, you cannot go wrong.

The Greeks have always loved their salads and adore them. You can find them preparing it with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. They have some of the best yogurt preparation in the world.

Most of the Geek dishes come with feta cheese. Unlike the Italian ricotta cheese, which is slightly on the saltier side, the feta cheese is sweet and sour. Combining the red onions and the feta cheese not only makes the salad delicious but also looks beautiful.

vegetable salad on white ceramic bowl

You can also add plenty of herbs, including dill, parsley, and lettuce. You can decide on the kind of herbs that go in your salad. That depends on your taste and preference. You can make the preparation tasteful and colorful.

You need to cook the potatoes and peel them after it has cooled down. Now you have to chop the dill, parsley, and onions. The feta cheese comes in a semi-solid form. You will need to crumble using clean hands.

Using a medium-size bowl, you have to combine the onions and potatoes. With the help of the salad dressing, you must now reconcile the onions and the vegetables. Now, you can add the dill, parsley, and the feta cheese.

Mix everything in the bowl and then add the dressing in the salad. It is now with the dill, parsley, onions, vinegar, and potatoes. You can also make use of some olive oil if you like to give it the flavor.

The salad is ideal for consuming during lunch and dinner. Perhaps, if you having some guests over to your place, then you can make use of it too.

Greek Style Salad Recipe With Potatoes, Feta, Onions, And Herbs

The kind of ingredients that you want to put in your salad depends on you. Consuming brown rice and bread instead of white rice and bread is a healthy option. Instead of fried and deep-fried food items, you can have boiled or steamed food.

That is because they are healthier and tastier. When you always want to compromise on something, then let it be the taste. That is because harmful chemicals are added to the food to make it tastier.

flat lay photography of man making vegetable and fruit salad

As you can see, preparing healthy salad recipes regularly enables you to have a healthy diet and body. Your appetite is also satisfied with the kind of food you consume. Your family would love your cooking.

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