Healthy Vegan Meal Plan and Sample Menu

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A vegan diet is an all-plant based diet that does not include any animal products including eggs, milk or meat. It does not even include fish or honey. A vegan diet is not only ethical but also healthy for the body. It decreases one’s ecological footprint, generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions and also use fewer natural resources.

A vegan diet has many benefits on human health along with preventing/treating certain chronic diseases. It improves your heart health, increase weight loss chances and even balances blood sugar.

Sample Vegan Meal Plan

Here is a sample one-week meal plan that you can try and see the benefits yourself. Later, you can make adjustments as per your choice.


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Breakfast – Tempeh bacon, avocado, wilted arugula and sauteed mushrooms

Lunch – Whole grain pasta with meatballs made from lentils and a salad at the side

Dinner – Chickpeas tacos and cauliflower with pico de gallo and guacamole

Snacks – Kale chips, trail mix and air-popped popcorn


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Breakfast – Walnuts, coconut yogurt with berries, chia seeds and walnuts

Lunch – Sauteed red cabbage, baked tofu, brussel sprouts and herbed couscous

Dinner – Garlic cauliflower, green beans and mushroom lentil loaf.

Snacks – Bell peppers, fruit leather, seaweed crisps and guacamole


Breakfast- sweet potato toast with peanut butter and ripened banana

Lunch- Cilantro, tempeh taco salad with quinoa, avocados, tomatoes, onions and beans

Dinner – Butternut squash, oat risotto with Swiss chard and mushrooms, 

Snacks –  mixed berries, vegan protein shake, and walnuts


Breakfast – vegan quiche with silken tofu, broccoli, tomatoes, and spinach

Lunch – chickpea and spinach curry with brown rice

Dinner-   lentil salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, olives, peppers, kale, and parsley

Snacks – sliced pear, Roasted edamine and energy balls made from oats, chia seeds, nut butter, and variety of dry fruits of your choice


Breakfast: overnight soaked oats with apple slices, pumpkin seeds, and peanut butter

Lunch:  veggie burger made with a black beans patty with steamed broccoli and sweet potato wedges

Dinner: mac and cheese with yeast and spring greens

Snacks: homemade granola made with pistachios, and coconut chia pudding


Breakfast:  tempeh balls, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, and zucchini

Lunch:  tofu tossed in garlic and ginger with stir-fried veggies and quinoa

Dinner: Refried bean salad with peas and onions, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers

Snacks: roasted pumpkin seeds, frozen grapes, and celery with almond butter


Breakfast – Whole-grain toast with avocado and nutritional yeast alongside a vegan protein shake

Lunch – lentil chili with grilled asparagus and baked potato

Dinner –  Vegetable paella with brown rice, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, artichoke, and chickpeas

Snacks- Almonds, fruit salad, and some carrots with a hummus dip

Try this sample vegan meal plan to eat a healthy diet and see the numerous benefits in your body within a month. You may alter some of the ingredients after one week after checking their nutritional equivalence online. This way, you will not have to eat the same items again and again. Also, the snack options mentioned can be had as mid-lunch or evening snacks before meals to counter your urge for junk food.

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