How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl

How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowl – what do these two words tell you? Any guess? Well, it is nothing to do with Buddha. It is an Asian recipe, quite tasty and versatile. If you are hearing about it for the first time, it is evident that you do not know the recipe. Let me extend a helping hand and tell you the recipe for this super fresh meal.

Prepared with rice, various vegetables, and dressing, this Buddha bowl will make you crave for more. You can prepare them in advance if you are in a hurry and keep in the refrigerator. 

How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl
How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl

Recipe Of Buddha Bowl 

Preparation time – 30 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Serving – 4 bowls


For Vegetables And Rice

  • Brown rice – 1 ¼ cups, both short grain, and long grain will do
  • Shelled edamame – 1 ½ cups, frozen (it is better if you opt for organic variety)
  • Snow peas – 1 ½ cups, trimmed first and then coarsely chopped (if you don’t have snow peas, you can use snap peas or sliced broccoli)
  • Soy sauce – 2 tbsp, low sodium
  • Red cabbage – 2 cups, chopped (you can also use spinach, kale or romaine lettuce)
  • Avocados – 2, cut into halves, pitted and cut into thin slices

For Garnishing

  • Cucumber – 1, sliced thinly
  • Green onions – ½ small bunch, sliced thinly
  • Sesame oil – as needed to drizzle
  • Sesame seeds – as required
  • Flaky sea salt – as per taste
  • Dressing – made of carrot and ginger, as needed
  • Lime wedges – to garnish

How To Make Buddha Bowl

  • Put a large pot of water on high heat. Wash the rice very well and add it to the water. Let it cook for about 25 minutes.
  • Add the edamame and let it boil for around three minutes. Now tip the snow peas into the rice and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Now, get rid of the excess water. Transfer the rice along with the vegetables into the pot and season with soy sauce. Mix them well.
  • Take four bowls. Add the chopped red cabbage to each bowl. Now pour the cooked rice with veggies into each of them.
  • Place the cucumber slices along the sides of the bowls. Pour some of the ginger carrot dressing on the top of each bowl and garnish with lime wedges and sliced green onions.
  • At the time of serving, place the slices of avocados on the top of the bowls and pour sesame oil on them. Sprinkle the flaky sea salt and sesame seeds and serve immediately.
How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl
How To Build Your Own Buddha Bowl

Some Useful Tips

  • If you are thinking of serving the dish later, keep them in the fridge before adding the avocados. As avocado becomes brownish too soon, you should only add them before serving. The bowls remain intact for about five days.
  • ½ batch of dressing is enough for four bowls.
  • If you do not have the time to prepare the dressing, you can give it a miss. Instead, add the tamari followed by sesame oil on the top of the rice and veggies.
  • To make the dish gluten-free, you should use gluten-free tamari and avoid using soy sauce.
  • If you are not fond of soy, skip both tamari and soy sauce. Only add the salt for taste.
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