How to Create the Sample Healthy Meals Weekly Plan

smple healthy meals weekly plan

The SIMPLE Healthy Meals Weekly Planner is a great way to stay on track with your diet. In this plan you will be required to eat five of the most important food groups every day. This means that most of your food choices are going to be restricted. That is okay. Your goal is to lose the weight and keep it off so you do not become hungry and crave unhealthy foods. In order to accomplish both of these goals, you need to make your food choices carefully.

Primary Food Groups

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There are two primary areas that you need to focus on in this plan and they are the top four food groups and the bottom four food groups. You are also required to create a time schedule for yourself and follow it. This means that on week one you only eat the top four foods; on week two you add one food from the bottom four foods; and on week three you remove one food from your list completely.

Now that we have defined how we will be regulating our food intake this is the first part in the SIMPLE Healthy Meals Weekly Plan. The Top four foods are; Protein, vegetables, fruits and dairy. In the first week you have five options for each category. This is a great way to allow you some variety and get some taste testing.

On week one you include your favorite protein shake, chicken salad with mayonnaise, baked potato, lentil soup and two other favorite chicken recipes. You can easily change these recipes throughout the week to fit your needs. This will help you see which ones you like the best and include them as part of your menu. Then you can move on to the next category and include foods that are lower in calories such as chicken breast or low fat ice cream.

 Have Two Options For Your Vegetables

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On the second day you have two options for your vegetables. You can either eat a salad or include a low calorie vegetable dish such as a baked potato. These are both very low in calories and are filling as well. My favorite vegetable is the baked potato because it has a satisfying crunch to it and you can add anything you like to it. You can also use any number of vegetables and adjust them throughout the week to see which ones you like the best.

For our third day we are going to move on to our dairy selections. There are a couple of options here as well. We can have milk or soy milk and we can eat a yogurt parmesan cheese spread. I love parmesan cheese spread and I feel that it provides a fantastic alternative to meat and pasta meals. This will make your list even juicier and you will find that you are still satisfied and still avoiding the junk food.

Move On To Your Fruit Selections

For our fourth day we will move on to our fruit selections. There are a couple of options here as well. One option is to have fresh or frozen fruits that you can juice. Another choice is to include some fresh vegetables in the mix. These will be sliced up and mixed together with some pure fruit juice.

Last Words

For our fifth day we are going to be throwing away our pasta meals and moving on to our grain-based foods. The main choices here are brown rice and quinoa. Both of these choices are high in protein and they can be cooked in a variety of ways. You can boil them, steam them or fry them. You can dress them up in a variety of ways and I think they are really going to become some exciting new dishes for you to try.

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