Simple Healthy Meal For Kids

simple healthy meals for kids

Is your kid a fussy eater and is always craving for something unhealthy? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are not the only parent who is annoyed. Your little ones always want something tasty, and it is time that you change their habits. There are many healthy recipes that you can make for your kids in lunch, breakfast, and dinner, and they will be craving for more. All of them are easy to make, and you will be able to save a lot of time and money. Here are some of the recipes for you to follow.

Coconut Crusted Turkey Strip

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If you want something delicious for supper, nothing can beat the coconut crusted Turkey strip. It is a beautiful dish that you can make easily within 15 minutes, and you just have to keep the meat marinated beforehand. Also, you can create the dipping sauce of your own choice and make this a popular item. If you do not want to deep fry, you can always use an air fryer. The kids will love it for sure, and you can also declare this as a great party snack.

Rich Baked Spaghetti-Simple Healthy Meal For Kids

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Do you want the goodness of meat noodles and cheese combined? This is an unbeatable dish that you would want to try at home. All you need is an oven, and this delicious preparation will be ready within 45 minutes. You can use the noodles and meatballs of your choice, and also replace it with ground beef. There will be a clear difference in the taste, and the dish will be like a lasagna. You can also add a side dish like green salad and breadsticks.

Banana Blueberry Pancakes-Simple Healthy Meal For Kids

Are you looking for something sweet? Your kids are bound to love these banana blueberry pancakes, and it is a very healthy recipe. The pancakes are good for the stomach and a really good option for breakfast time. You just have to blend in all the ingredients like banana and eggs and put them on the pan with less oil. If you want, you can also add artificial sweetener or honey to the batter, and the taste will be heavenly.

Chicken Fajita Salad

This recipe can be traced back to Texas, and it is a very popular dish for all the children out there. You can give the kids a balanced diet with this dish, and it is quite easy to prepare. All you need to do is to gather the ingredients and blend them with salt and pepper. Suppose you want you can also put the salad dressing of your own choice. It is one of the most popular Mexican foods that you would want to have, and most of the toddlers love the chicken fajita salad.


Apart from the dishes that we have already mentioned, you can also try strawberry lime smoothie, peanut butter banana oatmeal, yogurt dip, and a lot more. There are many healthy snacks to munch on, and your children will never go to the unhealthy options anymore. Hit the kitchen now before it is too late.

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