The Best Baked Potatoes Will Contain Vitamins And Minerals To Keep You Healthy

baked potato calories

A baked potato is commonly referred to in some parts of the United Kingdom, such as in Manchester, as a flat potato. The best baked potato is always a mashed potato which has a nice fluffy interior and an equally crispy exterior. It can be served with many different fillings, toppings and condiments including butter, cheese, vinegar, sour cream, bacon, sour pepper, Worcestershire sauce, or ground beef. As an alternative, you can also use margarine (butter substitute) and free margarine margarine. To cook the potato completely you can mash it but this usually diminishes the flavor of the potato.

A baked potato meal provides satisfying comfort food. Baked potato meals are popular at Easter because of their easily digested size and rich content of vitamins A and C as well as iron. In America, an Easter dinner meal usually consists of grilled chicken or pork and includes several types of potato chips or French fries as well as green bean salad and a baked potato accompanied by fresh fruit and juice. In Great Britain, they celebrate Easter with cakes, pudding and pies, all of which are made from sweet potatoes.

For an easy meal to prepare for family and friends, it’s good to know about how many calories are contained in the typical serving of this popular food. The National Health and Medical Association recommends that a single baked potato contains around two hundred calories which is equivalent to about one cup cooked. Based on this value, a single serving of jacket potato provides more than nine hundred calories which is equivalent to three cups. Although these estimates are not exact, the approximate number of calories in the average American meal is close to one cup.

Best Way To Lose Weight

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With potatoes being the main staple of diets in Australia and the United States, it’s no wonder that they provide so many of the necessary nutrients we need to lose weight. When combined with protein, fiber and carbohydrates, they can help control weight and improve your health. By choosing to eat these tasty foods rather than high-calorie fattening foods, you will set yourself up for an exciting new way to lose weight. In fact, you may find you crave them once you get to the American continent!

If you read the label on the container, baked potatoes usually contain a good percentage of dietary fiber, vitamins A, D and E along with starch. They also contain almost forty percent of the recommended daily vitamin A, which can be found in liver, red meat, mussel, fish, egg yolk and poultry. By including a baked potato meal with vitamin A, you will boost the immune system and help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. By increasing the daily intake of vitamin A, you will also increase your energy which will help you burn calories more effectively.

Benefits Of Baked Potato

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Baked potato is also rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, which all contribute to healthy bones, teeth, muscles and skin. Potatoes are rich in one important nutrient – magnesium – which can help reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol and stimulate nerve function. By including a baked potato meal with magnesium, you can increase your energy and lower your risk for stroke and coronary artery disease. However, if you choose to substitute a berry or white potato for the main ingredient, look for ones that are at least two to three times the serving size.

Vitamin C can be added to baked potato to boost its nutritional value and give you the extra boost you need to lose weight. This powerful antioxidant boosts collagen production and reduces free radical damage. Together, vitamin C and dietary fiber form a powerful combination that improves cardiovascular health. By eating a large portion of vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, squash and red peppers, you can easily ensure you get the benefits of this powerful vitamin. Although you may not see an immediate reduction in weight, studies have shown that this powerful vitamin can help slow down the body’s weight gain and decrease its risk for heart disease.


By incorporating potatoes into your diet – particularly when they come packaged as tasty, nutritious side dishes – you can easily control how many calories you are eating and still feel satisfied. By choosing baked potatoes that are at least two to three times the serving size, you can still get the healthy dose of this powerful vitamin and mineral. This way you can enjoy your favorite side dish while still losing weight and improving your overall health.

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