Tips to Eat Heart Healthy Meals for Kids

heart healthy meals for kids

Men and women have different body structures and that’s why a meal plan for every guy differs from that of a woman.  They are larger and have more muscle mass than women and this is due to the presence of the hormone testosterone in their bodies. The genetic designing of men is such that they have more muscle mass and less fat than women. This is a great advantage for them as it allows them to eat more calories and yet keep fit. Meal plan for every guy has to be devised on the basis of his likes and preferences and also his weight loss goals

But continuous consumption of fatty food and unhealthy food makes men fat and a right combo of a diet plan and exercise routine has to be followed to lose weight. There are some basic golden rules which will help you lose 5 kg in one month. 

Tips to Stick to a Healthy Diet Meal for Dinner

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Limit your portions: 

The best tip to losing weight fast is to limit the portion size according to your weight loss goals. One serving of fruit equals to a tennis ball sized fruit. Limit intake of only 2 teaspoons of oil or ghee in a day. 1 serving of rice equals to 1/3rd cup of cooked rice.

Eat every two hours: 

This prevents you from eating too much or getting too hungry. It also enables your body’s metabolism to work well.

Quit Sugar: 

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White sugar only adds empty calories to the body. Look for natural sugar substitutes like stevia, honey and jaggery as they are low in fat and loaded with nutrients. Try to curb your sugar cravings with sweet fruit. This is a very important tip to keep in mind for a healthy diet chart for men. 

Drink plenty of water: 

Drinking enough water helps to shun toxic waste from your body, keeps you hydrated and also quickens your metabolism. If the color of your urine is a little darker or lighter than pale yellow, it means that you are not consuming apt amount of water. 

Shun Saturated fats: 

Saturated fats do no good to your body and only get stored at rigid fat. Avoid full fat milk and turn to skimmed milk. Switch to all the food items which are low in fat content. 

Ultimate weight-loss diet plan for kids:


  • 2 egg whites on toast
  • 3 boiled eggs with toast

Mid-morning snack: 

  • Buttermilk
  • Or mango shake with no added sugar and low fat milk
  • Or fruit salad
  • Smoked salmon with some spinach


  • A healthy diet chart for men should incorporate 3 food groups for lunch – starch, vegetables and protein. 
  • You can swap between various types of lentils, legumes and vegetables every day.
  • Grilled chicken breast with some vegetables if you prefer non-veg diet.

Mid-afternoon snack:

  • Or boiled or roasted chickpeas or corn or peanuts


  • A men’s diet plan to lose weight fast should have dinner as the lightest meal of the day. 
  • A bowl of vegetable soup
  • 1 portion of grilled lamb, beef or chicken along with vegetables of your choice. 

Just follow this diet plan for a week and see the amazing weight loss in your kids.

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