Top 5 Home Cooked Healthy Prepared meals For Your Diet

healthy prepared meals

Having healthy food in your diet is most important for a good lifestyle. For healthy meals one needs to focus on nutrition, vitamins and many other minerals in food to fulfill the deficiency in your body.  Here are some of the top selected food meals prepared to fulfill your diet completely.

More importantly there are very few vegan items that cover proper nutrition requirements. Let’s go vegan and try these best options. 

Makhana Cashew Curry

Prepared meals

Makhana and cashew in this meal are very Healthy ingredients. This healthy meal is not only good in taste but also gives a very good restaurant style taste. This is a very simple curry to cook at home within minutes. 

Nevertheless, to make it more tasty and healthy you can add paneer, veggies, mushrooms, or chicken or fish if you eat non- veg.

You can just cook very tasty curry, just like others and add the items you want and enjoy the meal.

Spinach Lentils

Prepared meals

Spinach is a very good green vegetable and is very rich in nutrition. This is an ingy which improves your eyesight and benefits your Health in many ways. When mixed with dal it gives a rich taste and nutrients as well. 

You can have thus dish as a soup or can combine this spinach dal with rice, roti or fish if your are prefer non-vegetable 

Chickpea (Besan) Flour Pancakes

Besan a very light and healthy food for your breakfast, You can add veggies as much you want and cook it in for a good dosa or pancake. This dish is really easy and fast to cook and tastes very good. 

Try these pancakes in your morning meal, it is very filling also. 

Millet Lemon Rice

Simply tasty rice with millet and lemon to give it a taste and health. However you can replace rice to make it more healthy, you can add veggies to it or chickpeas for a healthier meal. Moreover, quinoa is also a good replacement for rice in this tasty dish.

Kidney Beans Curry

Kidney Beans is a complete in itself. You can take it with a good amount of salad and roti on your plate to make it more complete. If you are. A simple vegan and indian you would also be loving this meal as it is super tasty as well as well full of nutrients. 

Moreover, this dish when mixed with veggies and cooked with Indian spices gives a very good flavor with all the nutrients of beans.


These top 5 healthy meals can be used anytime of the day, they are light and tasty to eat with full of nutrients. You can try this today and tell us how much you liked this dish. 

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