Want To Cut It Thin? Here’s An Apple Slicer

2019 Apple Slicer

An Apple slicer is what you need in the kitchen to cut the apple in equals slices. When your kids are at home they ask for snacks every time so it’s better to serve them apple instead of street food. Street foods are very unhealthy and that may affect your kid’s health. The safest thing to give your kids to eat is fruits so you can give them an apple daily and it will even help you to keep the doctor away. You can use this slicer to slice the apple in equal size so that your kids will love to eat them.

2019 Apple Slicer

You can slice the apple with this slicer in just a single motion. This slicer will help you to cut the apple in 8 equal slices. You should definitely buy this tool so that you can save your time in the kitchen. With this tool, you can cut the apple very quickly other than cutting it manually.

People who love to do fruit decorations and it is a hobby for them so you can give these apple slices to such peoples. If you will give this slicer to them this will really be very useful for them.

Excellent For Making Fruit Salad

This Apple slicer is perfect for making food salads. Whenever a guest comes to your home you can use this slicer to quickly cut the slices of the apple and serve them. The best thing about this is that it removes the seeds from the apple so you don’t need to do anything. This slicer is made up of very good quality plastic and metal.

The approximate size of this slicer is 16 cm × 3.5 cm. This slicer will be very useful for you to save your time and spend the rest of the time with your family and friends. Cutting apple manually there is a chance to cut your hand but with this slicer, it is really very safe. So you should definitely buy this slicer for yourself and for the one you want to gift to.

Transparent plastic 6 grids seasoning Container

Now you can organize all your seasoning and spices with the help of this transparent plastic 6 grids seasoning container. You can keep this evening containers in your kitchen as well as on your dining table. If you will keep this on your dining table you won’t need to run to your kitchen every time to bring different kinds of seasoning one by one.

As this container is transparent you can check all the seasoning from outside. You can store around 5 to 6 is running at a time in this container. This transparent plastic 6 grids seasoning container has colorful covers and has two different size opening. The size of the individual container is 10 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm and the size of the base container is 18 cm x 10.5 cm x 6 cm. You should definitely buy this seasoning container.

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