Why Cooking Meals Is Such A Great Way To Enjoy Healthy Holidays And Intimate Interactions With Your Kids

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Keeping everyone in your family healthy has never been easier thanks to new research into family meal time. Many years ago parents only thought about making sure their kids had enough to eat at school and on the weekends. However recent studies have proven that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually make healthy family meals that are great for everyone, all the time!

Many children experience eating disorders throughout their lives thanks to unhealthy eating habits. While you might not think your family has eating disorders, they are literally everywhere. Keep reading for some fresh advice for planning healthy family meals, keeping everybody satisfied, spark conversations and eliminating the risk of children with eating disorders.

An Overview

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One of the best ways to make sure your kids have good nutrition throughout the week is by setting up a family dinner at least once a week. If you’re like most parents, it’s difficult to know just how often this should happen. However, the goal is regularity, not random eating. Studies have proven that children who eat family meals at least twice a week do better on some health tests. They are also healthier during the week than other kids who eat irregular and largely unstructured meals. This suggests that scheduling family meals at least weekly could have long-term positive benefits for your kids.

In order to encourage good eating habits, you need to start while they are still young. Kids love to experiment with new foods so cooking meals at home offers the perfect opportunity to do that. Even though you probably won’t be able to get them to try new foods right away, start by introducing them to healthier choices. The more they are exposed to nutritious and balanced options, the more likely they will make the change.

Cooking Meal to Enjoy Holiday

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When preparing family meals together, start with good-quality whole foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You can also try different types of meats, such as lean chicken breast or lean turkey, which kids love. Try new vegetables, such as squash, spinach, and cauliflower, as they are bursting with nutrients. Don’t forget breakfast, which kids love eggs, cereal, and fruit.

If you’d rather leave the cooking up to someone else, that’s fine, too. Make sure you provide healthy snacks along with their family meals. For example, you can prepare healthy pizza dough with a few vegetables and protein for a lunchtime family meal. Or provide healthy crackers with low fat cheese for a nice snack during the evening. Again, add variety to their diet and the more they eat, the more likely they’ll be to try new foods and healthier cooking techniques.

You may be surprised at how little cooking time you need to provide for family meals. With a microwave oven, you can make a delicious home-cooked meal in under 1 hour. Use your oven’s grill to cook the chicken, and serve it over the course of the day. You can make a simple salad and have dinner ready by dinner time. Use a pressure cooker to steam some veggies instead of boiling them. Your kids will love you for it.

It’s easy to enjoy family meals because you’re all in the same room, eating the same foods. This is one of the best benefits of eating together. Of course, you can always choose to dine out, but if you feel like spending a quiet evening together, cooking will allow you to do just that. Kids love creative eating times, so you can’t go wrong with this new approach to family meals. It’s a great way to bond and create lasting childhood memories.

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